About Us

CTIA is a national non-profit organization representing the interests of the Canadian textile industry.  We promote industry engagement and foster innovation, while connecting with government partners in areas such as procurement and trade policy.  Efforts to ensure members are well-informed help support an agile industry with a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.


Our Board of Directors


Executive Board

Alexander Artus (Chair) - Stedfast

Laura Coomey (Secretary) - Lincoln Textiles

Jacek Mlynarek (Executive Director and Treasurer) - CTIA 



Claude Barbeau - Innotex Protection

Robert Berger - MW Canada

Louis Bibeau - Logistik Unicorp

Jordan Carlen - E.I. Dupont

Gilles Desmarais - Textiles Monterey (1996) Inc.

Albert El Tassi - Peerless Garments

Randy Williams - Texonic