Nos membres

Autoliv Canada

Autoliv is the world's largest automotive safety supplier, with sales to all major car manufacturers in the world. More than 65,000 associates in 27 countries are passionate about our vision of Saving More Lives.


Calko Canada

Calko Group is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high quality products that include industrial protective wear, narrow fabrics and trims, and first aid and medical supplies. Since our first year of operation over 62 years ago, we have worked to be an industry leader and innovator while staying as price competitive as possible to best serve our clients. Our efficient team works closely with our customers in order to provide them with the product requested or to help them develop the product needed to ensure complete satisfaction.


Cansew Inc.

Depuis 1924, Cansew fourni des fils à coudre et autres fournitures pour les ateliers de couture. Aujourd’hui, la compagnie fabrique aussi des fils à coudre d’applications industrielles à base de Kevlar, de Nomex ou d’autres produits spécialisés. En plus d’offrir une sélection inégalée de fils à coudre de haute qualité, Cansew offre aussi une gamme complète d’élastiques et autres fournitures requises par les ateliers de couture et de coupe.

E.I. DuPont Canada

For more than 200 years, DuPont has brought science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services. This history of innovation supports diverse markets such as agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.


Duvaltex is a textile innovation company with four business units that serve the office, hospitality, education, and healthcare markets. By coming together, all four business units now form the biggest contract textile manufacturer in North America. We share the same passion for bringing fabric to life. And we believe in teamwork, both inside our business units and with our partners. Together, we are working to become a loved and respected company in the contract textile industry across the globe.

Fabrene Inc. - A Barry Global Company

Fabrene is a wholly owned division of Berry Plastics Group Inc. Fabrene provides fabric and film protective solutions for a variety of Health-care, Hygiene and Specialty end-uses. Headquartered in North Bay, Ontario, Fabrene operates 2 manufacturing plants specialising in the production of wide width coated polyolefin products with extensive manufacturing capability in extrusion, weaving, coating, multi-layer laminating and flexographic printing. Fabrene sells globally across multiple industrial end use segments.


FellFab Ltd.

Established in 1952, FELLFAB Limited is a privately held Canadian company that engineers and manufactures innovative products from technical and specialized textiles. We are proud of our achievements at arriving at innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers in a variety of critical and demanding markets. Our technological capabilities and wealth of experience have made us a leader in many demanding markets, including industrial, aerospace, aviation, military, materials handling and transportation. We are more than a manufacturer of specialized textile products. We are an engineering company dedicated to working with our customers. We believe in establishing long-term relationships based on providing purpose-built solutions.


Innotex Protection

At Innotex, we redefine and reimagine turnout gear based on four designing principales: Protection without compromise, unmatched comfort, increased durability and efficient design. Our commitment to protecting firefighters through innovation has lead our turnout gear to be chosen by several hundred fire departments, including some of the largest North American fire departments, the military, as well as major fire departments abroad.


Lincoln Fabrics

La technologie et l’innovation sont les paramètres de base qui ont permis à Lincoln Fabrics de devenir un tisserand de pointe dans le domaine des tissus techniques pour applications de protection et de survie. Etablis en 1955, la compagnie produit des tissus ayant les caractéristiques requises pour les marchés de la balistique, de la protection contre le feu et du camouflage aussi bien pour le Canada ou les Etats-Unis.


Logistik Unicorp Inc.

Logistik Unicorp se spécialise dans la gestion intégrée de programmes d’uniformes pour une clientèle variée, tant corporative que gouvernementale. Nous offrons des solutions de gestion qui sont innovantes et intégrées afin de rencontrer les besoins globaux en vêtements et équipements requis par l’ensemble de notre clientèle.

Les Textiles Monterey (1996) Inc.

Monterey Textiles is a diversified vertical mill whose employees are dedicated to supply quality-finished fabrics to the military and domestic clients.  Since its early beginnings, Monterey has strived to develop quality-performing fabrics for the Armed Forces.  Its state of the art weaving, dyeing, finishing and printing equipment provides clients worldwide with a high level of quality and customer service. 

MIP Inc.

MIP is a global leader in the reusable healthcare textile industry, providing a broad range of products and services to the healthcare industry in North America, Europe and around the world.

MW Canada Ltée.

Founded 1963, MW Canada is a vertically integrated textile mill and a leading manufacturer of innovative fabrics for the window covering and hospitality trade.  MW Canada is able to shift gears quickly to create new fabrics utilizing a variety of warp and weft yarns on a wide range of looms. Depending on customer needs, dry and wet textile processing can produce standard or unique end products. The dyehouse creates a wide colour range of yarns and piece dyed goods.

Oratex Inc.

Oratex Inc. is a North American specialized fabric manufacturer focused on Circular Knit Stretch fabrics and Fire Retardant fabrics. Our knitting mill, which houses the latest specialized open-width fine gauge machinery, allows us to produce fabrics that are at the forefront of today’s apparel industry.


Peerless Garments

Peerless Garments fabrique des blousons de cuir et une série de vêtements permettant en plus du confort, de la chaleur ou de la protection contre le froid et la pluie à l’utilisateur, ceci dans les pires conditions. En plus de nos produits de base, nous offrons aussi des vêtements techniques à hautes performances contre les intempéries telles que le vent, le froid ou la pluie. Nous fabriquons aussi des produits vestimentaires pour le domaine militaire qui assurent la protection contre le feu, les produits chimiques aussi bien qu’ayant des propriétés antistatiques.


Rentex Mills Inc.

Fondée en 1964, Rentex Mills Inc. Est un fabricant de tricots/chaine qui est verticalement intégré et qui se spécialise dans la production de tissus techniques à haute performance, ceci depuis des décennies. En se concentrant sur les besoins actuels du marché, la compagnie a su adapter ses opération aux nouveaux besoins du marché.


Stedfast Inc.

Stedfast inc. est chef de file dans la fabrication de textiles laminés et/ou enduits à valeur ajoutée. Vouée à répondre à vos besoins spécifiques industriels, médicaux, de vêtements de protection et militaires, ainsi que des textiles résistants aux armes chimiques et biologiques, elle fournit également du soutien technique en entreprise et éprouve en laboratoire tous ses produits. Grâce à son équipe technique, l'unité Recherche et Développement de Stedfast propose des services scientifiques et des solutions de gestion de projets.